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A quick step by step guide how to use Gidd.ioopen in new window. is a completely free social gaming platform. The focus is on playing with friends and that's why we have so many multiplayer games.

Create a Room

  1. Visit Gidd.ioopen in new window.
  2. Click on 'Start Playing'.

Start Playing

  1. Enter your own nickname and color. You can change it any time.

You have now created your own gaming lobby on

Invite your friends

There are two ways to invite new players to your own room.

Invite your friends via Browser URL

  1. Copy the URL of your room in your Browser.

Share Room URL via Browser

  1. Send this link to your friends. They can join your room with this link.
  1. Click on the Button 'COPY LINK' on the left side of your gaming room.

Share Room URL via COPY LINK

  1. You have no saved your room URL in your clipboard.
  2. Send this link to your friends. They can join your room with this link.

Select a Game

The central area of your gaming room is the game selection area:

Game Selection

The red button 'Currently selected' shows you (Obviously) which game is currently selected.

With clicking on 'Select Game' you can switch the game:

Select Game

You can switch how oft you like.

Configure your Game

Only the selected game can be configured.

Your settings will be temporary stored as long as the room exists.

Start the Game

Click on 'Start Game' (on the leftside) to start your selected game:

Start Game

You can't stop a currently played game. You need to wait until it's finished or you create a new room.

Select another Game

After you played all rounds you selected, you will come back to the game selection area.

Now you can simple start a new game.

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