A simple location finding game that you can play against your friends.

How to play GeoGuess

  1. When the map material is loaded, the game starts. But watch out: The time is also running!
  2. Now it's your job to find out where you are.
  3. Use the navigation items at the top and bottom of the screen to move through the map material.
  4. You can zoom in and out on the map on the right.
  5. With a left click you can select a point on the map. Press the button 'Lock in guess' to lock in your guess.



A short overview of the game:

  1. Round time
  2. Skip forward and backward through the map
  3. Skip forward and backward through the map
  4. The map where you can zoom in and out. Below is the button 'lock in guess'.
  5. Round counter
  6. All active players + current score

Tips and Tricks

You don't have to lock in your guess. When the time is over your last selected point will be used.


Our map material is from a third-party provider. This provider allows us to offer the whole game for free. Unfortunately, there are sometimes minor bugs that we have to wait out.

When you have a blackscreen or the map is not loading, you got temporary blocked. Sometimes that happens. To fix it you just need to wait like 30-60 minutes. That's all.

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